Tuesday, May 14, 2013

L O V E 911 (반창꼬) korean movie

annyeonghaseyo, meyyda imnida

another movie, L O V E 911 (반창꼬). as tengok dua hari lepas dekat youtube. seronokkkkk! haha comel dan kelakar. movie ni, um rasanya tak ada la lama sangat. tapi lama la jugak haha. 19 december 2012. tahun lepas :) ok, mari baca sinopsis sama-samaaaaa

Kang-il (Go Soo) is a rescue firefighter whose wife died while he was helping someone else in an accident. Struggling with guilt for being unable to save his wife, Kang-il frantically jumps into dangers to rescue others. Mi-soo (Han Hyo Joo), a doctor at a general hospital, makes a misdiagnosis and gets sued by the patient's husband when the patient ends up slipping into a critical condition. In danger of losing her medical license, Mi-soo's lawyer advises her to convince Kang-il to testify against the patient's husband for an assault that occurred while the husband was in grief. She sets out to win Kang-il over by "dating him."
However, Kang-il is not one to fall for Mi-soo's schemes and gives her the cold shoulder. At last, Mi-soo volunteers to be a paramedic to work alongside Kang-il and get closer to him.
Despite the initial cat-and-dog relationship, as they struggle through the dangerous rescue sites together, they gradually fall in love. But their relationship falls apart since Kang-il cannot let go of the memories of his late wife and furthermore when he finds out the real reason why Mi-soo approached him. Kang-il is driven once again into chasing after the most dangerous rescue sites, while Mi-soo can no longer stop him. Then one day, when Kang-il gets buried under a collapsed building, Mi-soo runs after him not knowing whether he will survive.
ending? they lived happily ever after. such a great ending right? haha. berbaloi habiskan dua jam tgok movie ni. lagi2 time tengah bosan tak tahu nak buat apa kan. movie ni tak slow pun, jangan risau. rasa macam nak gelakkk je masa tengok movie ni. haha. tapi ada la jugak part yang suspens, sedih. campur2. dae bakk~!
ok, klik S I N I untuk menonton. silaa2, jangan malu2.

Han Hyo Joo

Go Soo oppa

macam nickhun kan kan kannnnn haha

p/s A Gentleman's Dignity sangat ohsemmmm! haha silakan menonton hari isnin dan selasa, jam 8.30 malam di ntv7 ;D

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