Monday, December 6, 2010

유아인 및 성균관 스캔들 ( yoo ah in and sungkyunkwan scandal )

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yeyy ! satu hari , satu post . gile excited kan nak updated blog neyh . haish . hahha . harihari as perah otak nak cari ape mnde nk post kt blog neyh . and tdy , mase tgah on facebook , terjumpa laa video dari kbs world pasal sungkyunkwan scandal . tringat pulak mimpi malam tdy . haha . mimpi ape ?
as mimpi yoo ah in minat kat as . whoaa , haha .. gile aneh mimpi . bnci btol . tapitapi , macam excited la plak kan mimpi macam tu . bangunbangun je terus sengih sorangsorang gituhh .. haha

hahh , nk tawu cper yoo ah in ? as letak laa sikit gmbar dye kt sini eyh .. hee . tgok taw taw taw ! kalau tak tengok as cubit korang banyakbanyak ..

tengok tengok .. smart kan ? hehe .. nmpk macam slekeh , tapi ! ahhh , sangat menawan hati . haha *tepah as

lagi .. hee , walaupown misai ade , as tetap suke . tak tawu knpe . haha


manymany  aww aww

hahh ! yg atas tu sume gamba yoo ah in dalam sungkyunkwan scandal . tak tawu knpe , tapi as suke sangat rambut dye . rambut dye yg panjang and serabai tuu buad muke dye jdy comel . tapi bila dye pakai seragam sungkyukwan , pastu pakai topi tu , as tak brape suke sebab nmpk macam kemas . tak nampak rambut comel dye . haha .
psstt , nak tawu takk ? bday yoo ah in neyh , sehari lepas bday as ! 6 oktober . haha .. excited nyahhh ! hikhik

ar , okeyyokeyy , normal balik .. err , neyh pulak yoo ah in luar dari sungkyunkwan . tengok taw !!

comel ? boleh laa . lagi suke rambut dye panjang and serabai .. hehe

smart !!

suke gamba neyh ! chumellll ! hehe

gamba neyh as edit . hee . saje gatal nk letak salji . nmpk macam cantik pulak salji tu kan . hehe ..

okeyyokeyy .. habis dah pasal yoo ah in . hehe .. excited lebih hari neyh . hesh , masalah laa hormon neyh . haha .. now , kite story pasal sungkyunkwan scandal pulakk eyh ! ^^

sungkyunkwan punye wallpaper . cantik kan ? pink biru . same macam blog as . hehe .. tengok yoo ah in ! so cute .. hehe . neyh la seragam nan topi sungkyunkwan yg as cakap kt atas tdy .. ehh , joong ki pown comel kan ? micky tak cute sangat . hee

comel laa katun

err , copy paste la pulak eyh watak dan perwatakan neyh ? *teringat mase belajar komsas duluu agak kemalasan di sini nak taip longlong

Park Min Young as Kim Yoon Hee

The girl with smart and strong personality, she dresses as a man to gain admittance to SungKyunKwan college because of her ill brother. She becomes part of the group known as Jal Geum Sa In Bang (literally translated as "The 4 Pretty Boys") in SungKyunKwan and developes a love-relationship with Lee Sun Joon, who is the perfect husband material. Yoon Hee is a person that when she sees someone doing something wrong, she will follow that person until that person apologizes. Responsibility is very important to her, and she likes to solve everything herself. This personality often gets her into trouble, but her intelligence helps getting her out of danger.

Micky Yoochun as Lee Sun Joon

Lee Sun Joon is a perfectionist and leader of the Jal Geum Sa In Bang (aka the Chosun F4). The grandson of a powerful noble family, a perfect boy who meets all 3 conditions of studies, athletics and looks. He is troubled by the love he has for Kim Yoon Hee, who disguises herself as a man. Even though he is at the top of the social ladder, his privilege is also a hindrance for he's never stepped out of his small, sheltered world.

Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin

The rebellious member of the Jal Geum Sa In Bang, Moon Jae Shin is a sharp-eyed and all-round entertainer who is described as a “jimseung nam,” which is (badly but most accurately) translated as “beast man.” A wild guy at first, when he meets good friends at Sungkyunkwan, he gradually starts changing and grows up.

Song Joong Ki as Goo Yong Ha

The playboy member of the Jal Geum Sa In Bang, Goo Yong Ha is a wild and unstoppable womanizer who specializes in drinking and stealing girls' hearts. Despite his happy and carefree exterior, he hides sadness in his heart.

habeshh shudaa . jom makan tembikai !

♥ Don't forget to smile ♥

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