Thursday, February 21, 2013

My English Essay

annyeonghaseyo, meyyda imnida

sebenarnya dah lama berhajat nak post cerita ni. tapi disebabkan tak tahu kat mana as simpan essay tu, so terpaksa ditangguhkan. hee, tapi tadi dah jumpa balik. tergerak pulak nak cari kat dalam laci meja study as. so here the story. made by me and my friends :)

I could not believe my eyes when Yang Misun showed me pictures of Lee Honggi and Eugene. Honggi had been mine since my first year in the college while Eugene was my best friend since we were both played the dolls in kindergarten. I would see how close they were in the pictures. In one of the pictures, Honggi was holding Eugene's hand. I was very disappointed to see how close they were willing to betray me. 
I stared unbelievably at the pictures and reminisced my first met with Honggi. I was in the library searching for some references books. While my fingers were touching the spine of the book on a shelf I finally found one. I picked out the book and I was stunned as I caught my sight on a guy behind the shelf. I smiled at him and went away. As I sat down to continue my revision I saw the guy took his seat opposite to me and grinned at me. Awkwardness started to fill me. 
As I was exiting the library, he rushed towards me, "Hey wait! I was interested to know you. By the way I am Lee Honggi and you?" I glared at my watch. Realising that I was late, I just left him behind. 
Day after day, he kept chasing me until I felt annoyed. I lost my temper and yelled, "could you please mind your own business?" He remained speechless. I left him alone, leading my way in a rush to my class. 
One fine morning, I found a letter that was slipped in my locker. Someone left a note written, 'I am sorry if what I had done make you uncomfortable. I just want to know you. If you did not mind, I want to be your friend.' I was feeling guilty. I realised that he only wanted to befriend with me. Instead, I was being very unfriendly and unfair towards him. I obviously was not supposed to treat him that way. 
So I decided to meet him in a right way and we started our friendship. The way he treat me made my heart melted like an ice cream. Our relationship getting serious since he finally spoken the three words that I had be longing for. 
"It was my final year. Why the hell he do this to me? My examination is just around the corner," I sobbed uncontrollably. Misun then touched my back to calm me down. At the same time I was regret myself as I did not listen to her advice. She had warned me about the pleasure-seeking guy. "What should I do?" I asked her with my eyes were flooding with tears. 
"Go and meet him. Problems just cannot be solved by themselves," she suggested me. Then I grabbed my phone and dialled his number. I asked him to meet me at the garden where we were met up on the day he proposed me to be his girlfriend. 
As I arrived, I saw him walking about without any direction. Realising my arrival, he walked towards me and reached my hands. I parried them away. "Tell me the truth!" I yelled. He bowed his face suggesting that he had been caught cheating on me. "Why did you do this to me? Don't you love me anymore?" I stared at his eyes hoping that there were still have an honesty in him. 
My heart burst open when I heard everything from his mouth. "I love you. I swear. But I could not lie to myself that I have fallen for Eugene too. You were so busy with your business until you have no time for me even for a single second. I was lonely. And then Eugene came and filled the emptiness," he uttered. I knelt down and cried. "Why would not you understand even a bit? This is my final year. I really want to graduate successfully." "I am sorry," he said with his soft voice. "Just leave me alone," that was my last words to him. 
What had happened to me make me realised that most guys are literally not to be trusted. they could only caused agony, pain and heartbreak, also a waste of time. I decided to forget everything about him and started to give my full attention on my study. I worked hard days and nights focused on my study. 
The day finally came as all the candidates were excited to know their results. As it was my turn to see mine, I cried the tears of joy as I successfully will be graduating in the first class! When my sight caught on Misun, I ran towards here and hugged her tightly. 
But then I heard someone was calling my name. When I turned back, I saw Honggi. He implored me to back with him. "Do you think you could just get back with me just like that? Do you think I am that stupid? Get a life and get out of mine. You are not worth my time, boy. I hate you so much!" I told him confidently. I had promised to myself not to trust any guys easily and just wait for my Mr. Right when the time comes. I was proud with myself as  I had grabbed the success as my wish. Now I can start my life with a big smile on my face everyday.

it's hard to put an end in this essay. luckily my friends and my english teacher helped me with this essay. the basic idea is from me, but most of the sentences are from my chingu, NAJIHA :) so glad to have a friend like her. Pika also helped me with this essay. banyak kali jugak ulang alik pergi bilik guru jumpa Ms Amal sebab nak tunjuk essay ni kat dia. Alhamdulillah beberapa hari before SPM dah siap essay ni. so tinggal nak menghafal je kan. yeahh, as guna essay ni dalam paper BI spm haritu. as target soalan yang sambung ayat tu. nasib baik dapat masukkan jalan cerita dia dengan soalan masa tu. kalau tak, parah as. hohoo. for adik2 yang baca story ni, kalau nak guna, silakan :) ohh, btw, before exam as guna nama lain, masa exam guna nama lain, sekarang pun guna nama lain. haha. tiba2 menggedik nak guna nama korea ;p

♥ Don't forget to smile ♥

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